Therapy for Children

The world is a much harder place for our kids. It’s a much harsher place for them than we experienced. Let us give them (and you) a helping hand.

For younger children, we  utilize play therapy and other less formal methods to help the child feel comfortable. To the Root Counseling is  well adept at handling the emotional and mental needs of children, and counseling sessions may be used to address a wide range of issues such as behavior problems, social skills, and the mental or emotional well-being of a child.

For older children, such as adolescents or teens, we utilize more traditional “talk therapy” that’s similar to the methods used with adults. Teen therapy or teen counseling essentially offers a listening ear to teens, providing them a secure and trusting environment where they can disclose problems that they may find hard to talk about with their family or friends.

A number of issues are typically treated in therapy for children and adolescents. A few of these are:

  • Social Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Environmental Adjustment (such as moving to a new home, school, etc.)
  • Eating Issues and Disorders
  • Sleeping Problems
  • “Acting Out” at School or at Home
  • Anger Management
  • ADHD and Concentration Problems


Play Therapy

Play therapy is to children what talk therapy is to adults. It is typically utilized with children ages 3-12. Children don’t always have the ability or desire to express themselves with words. Play therapy allows children to communicate through play, which is their natural form of communication.

Carefully selected toys are used to help children express their thoughts, feelings, and wishes. The unique, empathic responses of a trained play therapist help a child feel accepted and gain self-awareness, which often lead to positive changes, such as an increase in self-confidence and self-control.

Therapy Bunnies

Children often reasonate with animals. To the Root Counseling has therapy bunnies that can be a part of child’s healing process. Our bunnies are certified safe by the MHA and certified fun by countless kids that have enjoyed the playfulness of bunnies while getting to the root of their problems.