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Helpful Resources

Below is a list of helpful resources available in your time of need. If you are in need of immediate help, please do not hesitate to call 911.

National Sexual Assault Hotline

1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

National Domestic Violence Hotline


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL


What are some reasons people seek mental health support?


  • Thoughts of hurting yourself or others
  • Frequent or persistent feelings of sadness, anger, fear, worry, or anxiety
  • Frequent emotional outbursts or mood swings
  • Confusion or unexplained memory loss
  • Delusions or hallucinations
  • Intense fear or anxiety about weight gain
  • Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Unexplained changes in school or work performance
  • Inability to cope with daily activities or challenges
  • Withdrawal from social activities or relationships
  • Defiance of authority, truancy, theft, or vandalism
  • Substance abuse, including alcoholism or use of illegal drugs
  • Unexplained physical ailments



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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a session?

  • Therapy appointments usually range rom 45 to 55 minutes. You can expect the initial session to run just a bit longer.

How often will I need therapy?

  • Weekly sessions are generally recommended in the beginning and over time therapy sessions taper off.

What if I’m not comfortable talking about issues from my past?

  • It is not uncommon to feel some reluctance in sharing your history. Like most relationships though over time trust is built which can allow you to feel more comfortable sharing.

What if I can not afford therapy?

  • EAP is an employee benefit that allows anywhere from 3 to 8 sessions without any out-of-pocket costs.  You may also speak with your tax professional to see if you could deduct therapy expenses from your taxes as an out-of-pocket health expense.