Strength in Numbers

Group Sessions

To the Root Counseling offers several different groups that are dedicated to services specific populations. Our group sessions are safe and supportive environments that demonstrate that you are not alone in working through and overcoming specific issues.

Couple's Group

The strength and success of couples is important in building strong communities. Our couple’s group works will couples to start and expand the often dismissed or overlooked. Together we will help you take your relationship to the next level.

Women's Group

Women have their own unique challenges. Sometimes it can feel like you are the only one that is going through certain issues. During our women group sessions, we talk about the matters that are important to you and how you can work through them all while being true and good to yourself.

Butterfly Moms

Losing a child is an experience no wants to face. However, if it happens to you, you may experience a swell of emotions. The Butterfly Moms group is here to offer you the support you need to make it day-by-day. We will talk about feeling and thoughts that others may not understand. And we will also encourage and inspire each other to spread our wings and fly again.