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To the Root Counseling is the right place for you when

Overwhelm doesn’t begin to describe how you feel most days. You are going through a change in your life and the transition is complicated and you need support.

To the Root Counseling is the right place for you when

You find too much self-doubt in your life which leaves you questioning yourself. Am I doing this right? Am I good enough?

What You Can Expect

To the Root Counseling provides a safe space where we will work together and get to the root of the issues that may be holding you back or causing you pain and discomfort. Using a wholistic model, together we will plot a plan forward to help you experience the life that you deserve and desire.

Individual Counsleing

Individual counseling begins with an initial consultation, in which we gather a wide variety of background information and learns about the current situation or circumstances that have brought you to therapy at this time in your life.  

Online Counseling

To the Root Counseling offers web therapy, and whether you need help with anxiety, depression, or stress, we can help you just as effectively online as we can in person.  Convenient and affordable online therapy is just a few clicks away! 

Couples Coaching

Couples who select To the Root’s Couples Coaching Program will receive dedicated support from a married couple team with over 20 years of personal and professional experience building profoundly fulfilling and joyful relationships.

Wholistic Services

Wholistic Services offered at To the Root Counseling are provided alongside our partners at Ase’ Wholistic Shop. Whether it is personal growth, Reiki Sessions, Prescribed herbal remedies or Spiritual Baths we’ve got you covered

To the Root  

Martha Dawson, MA, LPC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Georgia and the founder of To the Root Counseling LLC. My experienced clinicians and I are dedicated to helping you navigate through life’s challenges. From depression and anxiety to relationship issues and past trauma, we’re here to serve as a  guide on your travel to whole self healing. 

– Martha Dawson MA, LPC


I know first hand that beginning counseling and finding a therapist is no easy thing. I also know that the fact that you are seeking a person to support  you in the process of self-discovery is a great first step. Leave a message below and we will contact you shortly!

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